2020 Success Stories

Forerunner in Bioenergy for Transport

Climate positive heating
in Stockholm

100% Sustainable Biomass in Denmark

Wood Torrefaction: The Future of Biomass Fuel?

Curing a Gas Addiction

It’s better to live in the power plant – and quite normal for the Ilg family

A Croatia Bioenergy Village

Haňovice: Tomatoes all year round thanks to bioenergy

Wood Pellet Boiler Heats School for 3,000 Children
in Burgas

Firing up ceramics with biomass

European Bioenergy Day 2021

Generating heat, power & biomethane out of waste

Best Practice from Wiggert farm in Löffingen

Clean Heating with Biomass

A Forest Enterprise from the Future

Wallonia’s first Biomethane Injection Site

Greece’s Largest & Newest
Biomass Power Plant

Spanish SME with Large District Heating Projects

Making the Internet a Greener Place

McCauley Wood Fuels

About the campaign

The campaign is powered by Bioenergy Europe and relayed across Europe by both national and international partners supporting the belief that bioenergy is more than a renewable energy source, it is also a reliable path that will lead Europe to achieve its renewable energy transition in the shortest span of time.