Straw Briquettes for Energy Independence in Poland

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Poland is a coal-driven country, although the potential of agrobiomass is estimated at a high level of 20-30 million tonnes.

Our company was always involved in the energy sector, the environment and independency from fossil fuels. That’s why we wanted to become independent from coal and gas. Traveling around Poland, you can see many straw bales in the fields. Back in 2003, these bales inspired us to utilise this valuable raw material, instead of just leaving the straw to rot in the fields. Thanks to this inspiration, the Biomasser briquetting machine was designed. It processes straw in a simple way into 100% natural fuel briquettes. We collect the straw from our fields, produce the briquettes adapted to our needs and the excess we sell in the neighbourhood. Initially we applied the straw briquettes in a wood boiler that served us 15 years. Today, our facilities are powered by electricity from PV panels, heated electrically and by automated boilers for straw briquettes. The ash left from the combustion of straw briquettes serves as a natural fertilizer used in the fields.

Thanks to local agrobiomass (straw) we are fully independent from imported fuels. The straw briquettes can be combusted in dedicated boilers. However, they can be also applied be used in common boilers, replacing coal or wood, following the proper combustion process.

Beyond that, we have incorporated healthy and sustainable practices in other aspects of our daily work: On our farm we run a pilot cultivation of organic cereals (oats and rye), composting plants and retention ponds. Next to our office building we run a small greenhouse “Green Corner”, where we grow organic vegetables and herbs, promoting the idea of a healthy diet among our team. We buy water in returnable glass bottles from a local supplier. We reduce paper consumption by using double-printed paper, and recycled paper from our archives for internal printing.

We are an example of a small-scale production, independent of fossil fuels and consciously minimising the carbon footprint.

The potential of agrobiomass in Europe is high and very significant for us to become independent from imported fossil fuels. We shall focus on diversifying our energy supply and maximising the use of energy sources available close to us. Agrobiomass being one of them, as it is readily available and can be deployed quickly, so it’s a must to include it in the renewable energy mix to ensure energy safety, sustainable development and minimalise energy poverty. Investing in biomass gives security for many years.

Biomasser is the first machine in Europe verified in the EU Environmental Technology Verification program (ETV) confirming its eco-innovation and supporting climate protection. Biomasser’s important asset is that the biomass doesn’t need to be dried before processing because the machine works with raw material of moisture content up to 30%.

About the campaign

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