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The log is without doubt the oldest form of wood fuel mankind has known. Still today, logs are used on in log burners as the traditional way to heat the home.


Logs come from the use of wood from copicing or from branches from trees harvested for commercial reasons. They come from wood of low quality and of insufficient dimensions that cannot be used for other purposes, such as sawing,cutting or rotary cutting.

Logs can come from a variety of species. Weed from deciduous trees is often more appreciated than that from coniferous trees because it is denser and doesn’t contain resin.

The advantage is that anyone can, with a few materials and a bit of courage, can produce this fuel themselves.


Logs are largely used as a fuel for domestic heating, either in wood-burning stoves,or in specific boilers. Given their size heterogeneity, dimensions and characteristics,they cannot be used in machinery that automatically loads the fuel requiring
extensive handling. This is why this form of wood fuel does not work well in larger boilers or district heating networks.