Celebrating national and EU-wide bioenergy days!

EU’s Annual Energy Consumption

Let’s spread Europe’s energy consumption across the calendar and count: In 2021, the EU27 relied 282 days on non-renewable energy from January 1st to October 8th. From October 9th, renewables provided for the remaining 84 calendar days with clean energy.

This year, it is estimated that bioenergy contributes with a staggering 52 days, which means that from November 8th to December 31st, Europe could rely on bioenergy only for all of its energy needs!

How many days can your country rely on bioenergy only?

European Bioenergy Days

National Bioenergy Days and Success Stories

Each EU Member State celebrates its individual national bioenergy day. We have collected success stories across Europe that showcase how bioenergy contributes to reduce fossil fuels.

Our 2023 success stories will be published soon – stay tuned!

European Bioenergy Day Partners

The European Bioenergy Day campaign is locally represented by over 30 national bioenergy associations and supported at EU-level by a dozen sectorial organisations involved in the development of bioenergy throughout the value chain:

About the campaign

The European Bioenergy Day campaign is powered by Bioenergy Europe and relayed across Europe by both national and international partners supporting the view that bioenergy is more than a renewable energy source, it is also a reliable path that will lead Europe to achieve its renewable energy transition.

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