Hungary: 3 November 2023 

Pécs, Hungary: Leading the Way with 100% Renewable Bioenergy Heating

Pécs, Hungary is a European leader with 100% local bioenergy heating. They transformed a gas-fired plant into a biomass-powered network, reducing CO2 emissions and boosting the local economy. Veolia, their partner, won an award and set up a visitor centre to promote bioenergy and renewables.

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Pécs, the fifth largest city in Hungary, is one of the only cities in Europe with 100 % local and renewable heating resources.

This came to be when in 2008 the city partnered with Veolia to convert a major heat and electricity production plant, that was initially gas-fired, to cogeneration and transform it into the largest European fully biomass-fired (straw and wood) heating network.

The plant currently provides heat to more than 31,000 homes and 450 public buildings, and avoids 400,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. It also saves the municipality a great deal in energy bills that they can now invest on other necessary projects such as road maintenance. To top it all off, local farmers that supply biomass to the plant have doubled their income and more than 170 permanent jobs and 500 seasonal jobs were created in relation to the plant.

In 2014, the plant was voted the best power plant in Europe in the market development category by COGEN, The European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration. After winning the award Veolia opened a visitor centre on the site to transmit unique knowledge on biomass and renewable energies and be a source of information which is often reserved for scientists.

Find out more about Veolia and Pécs here.

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