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Green waste includes waste from gardens and the maintenance of parks by the public and private sectors. This waste includes lawn clippings, branches, gardening waste, dead leaves, etc. The production of green waste is largely seasonal, taking place between April and September. The waste is collected mainly in container yards and at composting platforms.

Agricultural and horticultural uses

Green waste is mainly recovered by composting. However, other uses are also possible:

  • Lawn clippings and other non-wood waste can be biomethanised.
  • Woody elements can be recovered in boilers in the form of chips or briquettes(as soon as they respect the legislation concerning the incineration of waste) to produce bioheat.
  • Gasification is also a possible treatment.

It is also possible for individuals to compost their own green wastes together with their organic household wastes and to use compost as fertiliser.