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Linseed (Linum usitatissimum) is an oleaginous plant that is used in most parts of Europe for the production of oleaginous seeds, fibres and straw. Its cultivation can be considered as cleaning the soil and improving soil structure.

Products and Use

The harvest of linseed can result in many different products that can be useful:

  • The seeds, that can be used in food or pressed to produce oil, which, among other uses, can be used to produce biolubrificants or biosurfactants
  • Long fibres: tow, to make textiles
  • Short fibres: short tow, that can be used in papermills, to make insulation materials for both heat and sound, and more and more in the production of natural products
  • Straw: shives, which can serve as animal bedding or mulch, for the production of acoustic panels or as an agrofuel
  • Dust that can be used as dry matter for compost or digestate