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Maize is an annual herb of the Poaceae (grasses) family with many uses: mainly used for food and animal feed production, it is also cultivated for its grain rich in starch.

Product and use

Most of the production of whole plant maize is intended for animal feed: we talk about maize silage. Silage is a form of storage which consists of cutting the plant into small segments in order to store it in silos, which allows the preservation of maize throughout the year. Silage can also be used in biomethanisation. Maize has good potential to produce biogas.
Maize is used in animal feed and for human food, be it in cobs, grain, popcorn, fl our,etc. Maize has many other industrial applications throughout the world: food processing, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, alcohol, bioethanol and biosolvents, the paper industry. The extraction of starch allows namely the manufacture of bioplastics.