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Miscanthus (Miscanthus x giganteus) is a non-invasive perennial plant, which produces canes up to four meters high, which can be upgraded into energy and materials. The cultivation of miscanthus allows the enhancement of marginal or sensitive plots.

What are the uses of the collected crushing?

Inexpensive to produce, miscanthus crushing has various uses:

  • Mulching in parks and gardens or for market gardening
  • Animal Litter
  • Insulation in eco-construction
  • Agrofuel (in the form of crushing or pellets/briquettes) for biomass boilers.

Incorporation in biocomposites is currently under research and development.

Environmental benefits

Miscanthus is particularly suitable for buff er strips and sloping plots. Not requiring fertilisation or phytosanitary treatments, miscanthus reduces the risk of pollution of surface and ground water. Its planting is therefore indicated in catchment areas. By covering the ground almost permanently, it slows down muddy flows and erosion,reduces leaching of nitrates and improves the infiltrability of plots while providing a winter refuge for local wildlife.